Mother’s Day & Father’s Day Meet Hip-Hop

Sometimes you notice a need in the market; the market needs more punny hip-hop cards - and so do your parents. :) You can find these in the shop!


New designs in shop!

We’ve been busy working on new PaperMichelle designs. Swing by the shop to see what else we’ve been up to.



PaperMichelle on Insta

Just a quick update: PaperMichelle (holapapermichelle) has finally joined the world of Instagram! Keep up to date with our newest designs, shop news and specials over there. Cheers!


We’re Back!

So you're into old school hip hop and rap? Perfect.

So you're into old school hip hop and rap? Perfect.

It has been a while, internet. I missed you guys like the desert missed the rain, but I had to take some time away to grow a couple mini-humans.

To your relief and mine - we are back at it! Check back in the next few weeks for some new Christmas and Holiday designs that should meet your punny quota.

Giving Puns a Hip-Hop Edge

I went to a local art/craft show a few weeks ago. There were several stationery designers showing there, and I noticed that they all had a similar theme of being “cute” and “punny.” I am certainly not criticizing - because the majority of my designs are both cute and punny; however, it did make me think it was time to rethink my designs. I think “cute’s” days are numbered, but funny will never go out of style. My solution (for now) is to add some edge by finding influence in the world of hip-hop. I’m happy with it so far - like the whole process has been reinvigorated. Plus - I absolutely love rap and hip-hop. This is just an excuse to break out some old cds.

I’ll be showing at Hover Craft on December 8th here in Milwaukee. If you’re in the area, come say hello!




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