Giving Puns a Hip-Hop Edge

I went to a local art/craft show a few weeks ago. There were several stationery designers showing there, and I noticed that they all had a similar theme of being “cute” and “punny.” I am certainly not criticizing - because the majority of my designs are both cute and punny; however, it did make me think it was time to rethink my designs. I think “cute’s” days are numbered, but funny will never go out of style. My solution (for now) is to add some edge by finding influence in the world of hip-hop. I’m happy with it so far - like the whole process has been reinvigorated. Plus - I absolutely love rap and hip-hop. This is just an excuse to break out some old cds.

I’ll be showing at Hover Craft on December 8th here in Milwaukee. If you’re in the area, come say hello!




Lace & Race - My Running Blog

As some of you know, I am not only a stationery designer - but also a pretty serious runner. I spend a lot of time blogging over at Lace & Race, my other moniker.

Today - the handmade world met my competitive world of racing in a post entitled “Running Gear - The Handmade Wishlist.” Please visit Lace & Race to check out some of the wonderful running related lovelies I found on Etsy today!

Foxes and Deer and Birds

A few papercuts up in the shop! Welcome to the New Year, everyone.

Papercut Collage, Nesting Birds from PaperMichelle

Papercut Collage, Nesting Birds from PaperMichelle

Papercut Collage, My Deerest from PaperMichelle

Papercut Collage, My Deerest from PaperMichelle


Hello 2013


HELLO 2013!!! Oh, how I have been waiting for you.

I’m not going to write a page of reflections, nor resolutions - but I will say that I am very excited for the arrival of this new, odd year.

I can sense a lot of changes coming my way in the new year. I guess it takes a certain amount of time (ahem, 31 years) to figure out your life and how you can make the changes you WANT to make. What a beautiful concept. The thing that I have figured out is that - as long as you’re willing to do work - you can make a lot of awesome happen around you. I have work to do, but I fully expect this year to be the shit. There - I said it. I hope you’ve come to this realization too: Take control of your mind, your life and live the life that you love. Happy New Year. I hope it is the very best year of them all.

PaperMichelle on Hover Craft!

December 1st is the date for this year’s Hover Craft show in Milwaukee. I’m so excited to be participating this year, because last year was awesome. I have been busy working on a few new designs and some new paper cuts as well. I can’t wait!

The folks over at Hover Craft were kind enough to do a little feature of PaperMichelle. Check it out! Then come visit me at the actual show!


Work-in-progress - paper cut collage from PaperMichelle

Work-in-progress - paper cut collage from PaperMichelle


NEW PM Designs and Art vs. Craft

I have been working hard getting ready for Art vs. Craft - a super cool show here in Milwaukee - which is next Saturday, November 26th. If you are in town, please come see me there! In the process of bulking up my inventory, I’ve added some new designs. Here are a few that I’ve added to the shop:


New Christmas Design - Decorate Your Hood

I’ve always thought those shoes on wires are funny. I like the image of a person jumping and throwing their old shoes. It’s so weird. It must be rewarding when they finally wrap around the wire - to hang and be cool until the end of time. Here’s a Christmas card about it. Rep’ your hood - or at least decorate it.

Hood Ornaments - NEW Christmas Design from PaperMichelle

Hood Ornaments - NEW Christmas Design from PaperMichelle

Gertie Makes Her PaperMichelle Debut

My girl, Gertie, is the inspiration for my latest design. She does this gross (adorable. awesome. hilarious.) thing where she steals dirty socks from the laundry just to have. She is super protective of these socks. She places them in meticulous piles, carries them around in her mouth and sleeps on top of them. I think she does it because she loves me so much. I’m sure it has nothing to do with dirty socks being salty and stinky. Nothing at all. Just pure love. I love you back, little homie.


New Designs in Shop!

I have several new designs in the works, but I got around to printing three of them yesterday! Have a look…




Thirty is the New Fifteen

Vintage Party Hats from InWithTheOld

Vintage Party Hats from InWithTheOld

As of today - 9/10/11 - I am officially THIRTY. 30MG. When I went to bed last night, I was feeling kind of sad and scared about leaving my twenties behind. I’m over that - I feel like your twenties are practice for your thirties, where you really figure yourself out and things fall into place. If I look back on these thirty years, I have to say that I have so much to be thankful for and I have accomplished a lot of the things I hoped I would by this point in my life.

It also helps that I subscribe to the idea that thirty is the new fifteen - so talk to me about being an adult in another twenty years. Until then, I will be assing it up and avoiding any semblance of “grown-up-ness.” Cheers!

Sorry I had to grow up, Mom.

Sorry I had to grow up, Mom.

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