Mother’s Day & Father’s Day Meet Hip-Hop

Sometimes you notice a need in the market; the market needs more punny hip-hop cards - and so do your parents. :) You can find these in the shop!


“Yes, we have to keep it…”

My little card made the Etsy front page yesterday. That card has always been a secret favorite of mine, so I was happy to see it getting some love. I’m reminding you (*reminding myself) again - Mother’s Day is fast approaching!


A Busy Day for PaperMichelle!

I had a great Tuesday! I spent the morning working on some custom wedding invitations, and then I got some happy news: a front page feature on Etsy. What an adorable Mother’s Day curation (pssst - don’t forget Mother’s Day!) I actually purchased one of these cards, “You’re My All Thyme Favorite” from DapperPaper. Way awesome!

After that, PaperMichelle got a super sweet blog post from Melissa of Yellow Elm! She featured a little selection of my cards and gave me a lovely shout out. Many thanks, Miss Melissa!


Do I look different to you?

You may or may not have noticed that I was MIA for a few days. Its all for a good reason though…look around…PaperMichelle got a sweet facelift! I’m so excited because my blog can actually function like a blog now…go figure. Anyway, I’m really excited about the site…couldn’t wait to get back to it though.

New Mother's Day card!

New Mother's Day card!

Over the past few blogless days I’ve been hard at work completing custom and wholesale orders, working on some designs for Mother’s/Father’s Day (see here and here and above) and assembling a fun spring time treasury. You know the drill…click, click, click.

I’m so glad to be back up and running. I can’t even tell you.