Marina and the Diamonds - Oh No!

Let me say, firstly, this is not my typical taste in music. That said, I have been quietly loving this video from Marina & the Diamonds. The song is…weird and surprisingly catchy, but I think it’s the intense use of color and a touch of a 60s vibe that made me post it. I just like looking at this girl and her video. She wears some killer dresses in it, too. Play it once all the way through - you’ll like it or at least, not hate it.

Two Door Cinema Club: Something Good Can Work (Acoustic)

I love Two Door Cinema Club’s Something Good Can Work. This acoustic version is particularly good. I heart Irish accents in a big way. The debut album, Tourist History, is out now.

The XX - Crystalised (Live on KEXP)

You’ve applied the pressure
To have me crystalised
And you’ve got the faith
That I could bring paradise

I’ll forgive and forget
Before I’m paralyzed
Do I have to keep up the pace
To keep you satisfied

Things have gotten closer to the sun
And I’ve done things in small doses
So don’t think that I’m pushing you away
When you’re the one that I’ve kept closest

You don’t move slow
Taking steps in my directions
The sound resounds, echo
Does it lessen your affection

You say I’m foolish
For pushing this aside
But burn down our home
I won’t leave alive

Glaciers have melted to the sea
I wish the tide would take me over
I’ve been down on my knees
And you just keep on getting closer

The Hundred in the Hands - Tom Tom

I am not feeling the Karen O-ish manipulation of the mic. That aside, I think this is a catchy summertime, synth-pop jam -at least, a worthy addition to your hot season mixtape. Bonus - THITH is touring with The Golden Filter, another love of mine.

Check out the sampler for their EP, This Desert:

Francis & the Lights - Numero Dos

I am so in love. You guys are beyond bizarre. This is my favorite thing of the day…

A Modern Promise (music video) from Francis and the Lights on Vimeo.

Memoryhouse - Lately

More than the song itself, I love the dreamy aesthetic of the official video for Memoryhouse’s Lately.

via gorilla vs. bear

Darling, It’s Alright

Francis & the Lights is blowing my mind with this little ditty. Don’t be deceived by the simplicity and hang on for the end - you’re in for a moment of dance insanity that makes the world ok for a while. Love, love, love.

via The Fader

Gig Poster Love

Some of my favorite modern design comes from gig posters. They’re fascinating. They represent a fleeting, epic experience but the art endures on its own. Here are few that I heart…






Wild Nothing - Chinatown

Happy May! Happy Saturday! Here is my gift to you: a poppy little gem from Wild Nothing’s upcoming release, Gemini. Do some digging on YouTube, Wild Nothing has a few jams out there that will make your day.

Wild Nothing - Chinatown from Jack Tatum on Vimeo.

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New MGMT - Flash Delirium

How about a nice little jam to kick off your day? Here’s the video for MGMT’s new single, Flash Delirium. The new album, Congratulations, will be released on April 13th. They’ve got their work cut out for them, because Oracular Spectacular was a huge smash.

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