Giving Puns a Hip-Hop Edge

I went to a local art/craft show a few weeks ago. There were several stationery designers showing there, and I noticed that they all had a similar theme of being “cute” and “punny.” I am certainly not criticizing - because the majority of my designs are both cute and punny; however, it did make me think it was time to rethink my designs. I think “cute’s” days are numbered, but funny will never go out of style. My solution (for now) is to add some edge by finding influence in the world of hip-hop. I’m happy with it so far - like the whole process has been reinvigorated. Plus - I absolutely love rap and hip-hop. This is just an excuse to break out some old cds.

I’ll be showing at Hover Craft on December 8th here in Milwaukee. If you’re in the area, come say hello!




PaperMichelle on Hover Craft!

December 1st is the date for this year’s Hover Craft show in Milwaukee. I’m so excited to be participating this year, because last year was awesome. I have been busy working on a few new designs and some new paper cuts as well. I can’t wait!

The folks over at Hover Craft were kind enough to do a little feature of PaperMichelle. Check it out! Then come visit me at the actual show!


Work-in-progress - paper cut collage from PaperMichelle

Work-in-progress - paper cut collage from PaperMichelle


NEW PM Designs and Art vs. Craft

I have been working hard getting ready for Art vs. Craft - a super cool show here in Milwaukee - which is next Saturday, November 26th. If you are in town, please come see me there! In the process of bulking up my inventory, I’ve added some new designs. Here are a few that I’ve added to the shop:


Custom Shower Invitations for Baby Savannah!

One of my friends from way back is having a little baby girl! I had the pleasure of designing her shower invitations and I am so happy with how they came out. The nursery doesn’t really have a theme, but a definite shabby-chic vibe with lots of florals and feminine touches. I think these will fit perfectly! Congrats to the little family - so excited for you.

Baby shower invitations - gocco from PaperMichelle

Baby shower invitations - gocco from PaperMichelle

New York, New York PaperCut

Since I have a very exciting return visit to my favorite city looming, I started a new New York papercut today. It is based on a NYC papercut I did a few years ago as a gift. Obviously, it is not finished but I am happy with today’s progress. (My fingers hurt a bit though!) I’ll post photos when it’s all done! For now, I have a huge mess to clean up!

Part of the madness.

Part of the madness.

Not finished, but today's progress.

Not finished, but today's progress.

ENDED: GIVEAWAY: Are you a boy or a girl?

Yay!!! We have a winner - who has been notified by email!

Congratulations on all of your little ones and THANKS for participating!

I am announcing a little giveaway from my Etsy shop! Yay! Gender announcing parties have been so in this year - I thought I would get in on the fun. (Seriously - is there anything more exciting than finding out if it’s a boy or a girl??)

Gender Announcements from PaperMichelle

Gender Announcements from PaperMichelle

The winner of my giveaway will receive a set of 10 “A Boy or A Girl” announcements from my shop. I can customize them to show a little blue or pink heart inside of each egg. It is a cute and memorable way to share your big news with friends and family. Please forward the contest to any expectant mommies or mommy blogs you know!

To enter, do any or all of the following:
- Follow @papermichelle on Twitter
- Leave a comment in this blog post
- Include a link to the giveaway on your own blog (let me know you did it!)
- Retweet my tweets about the giveaway, including the tag #papermichellegiveaway
- Add the new design to your “favorites” on Etsy

I will announce a winner on my blog and twitter on Thursday, June 30th.


GOOD/Cole Haan Illustration Submission

I found this great contest through GOOD called Project Doodle: Something Good in the World. The challenge is to do a drawing based on someone or something putting good into the world. I am a sucker for a competition - and it helps that it is being supported by Cole Haan. I immediately thought of a national but locally started non-profit called Growing Power. Their vision is to inspire communities to build sustainable food systems that are equitable and ecologically sound, creating a just world, one food-secure community at a time. They were the PERFECT subject for my illustration.

Here it is - I’m pretty happy with it. Remember people: take care of yourself, your community and your planet.

Growing Power Illustration/Michelle Zerzanek

Growing Power Illustration/Michelle Zerzanek

New PaperMichelle Designs!

I just wanted to share some of the new designs I have been working on. You can find them in my shop. There will be more to come over the next few weeks! Use the code: NYE2011 in my shop for discount on the new designs! ALSO: My blog got a cute little update! What do you think???





Handmade Thank-You Notes

I hope you got everything you wanted and deserved this holiday season - but don’t forget the crucial step of saying thanks! Sending a thank-you note is such a simple gesture, and it packs a big punch. Here are some of my handmade faves.

"Donkey Shane" Thank You Card from PaperMichelle

Mini Letterpress Thank You Notes from PressaRussa

Mini Letterpress Thank You Notes from PressaRussa

Thank You Card from DEADWEIGHT

Thank You Card from DEADWEIGHT

Awesome Note Cards from LittleGrayOwl

Awesome Note Cards from LittleGrayOwl

Thank You Cards from vandaliastreetpress

Thank You Cards from vandaliastreetpress

Snowy Saturday

It is the very first snow of the year here! Snowy days always send me into hibernation mode, which generally results in a huge amount of cooking. Today is no exception; I am hanging out with my pup, making vegetable soup and chocolate chip cookies! Here are some photos of our warm & cozy day…







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