You don’t know me!?!

I was born in Racine, Wisconsin in the early 80s, where I was immediately inducted into a nice German-Bohemian family. My parents were young and ambitious characters that worked tirelessly to provide my brother and me with an invaluable gift: a home with a farm field next door. My childhood was built on underground forts, toads in buckets and flashlights through the woods. With my little brother in tow, there wasn’t a sewer unexplored or dragon unslain. Imagination was our very best toy.

The amazement I experienced through my childhood adventures never left me, and I continue to search for that same wonder in my surroundings. I find myself most inspired by simple and natural things; the smell of tomatoes on the vine, the lyrics of a folk song and the clarity of the morning. My cards are an attempt to take the beautiful things in my environment and spin them in a humorous, genuine way. There is something special about handmade items; they’ve been held by hands, studied, corrected, attended to and cared for. They are delicate and purposeful in the sincerest of ways. My best hope for every card I make is that it’s sent to someone with love and is returned with a smile.