New Christmas Design - Decorate Your Hood

I’ve always thought those shoes on wires are funny. I like the image of a person jumping and throwing their old shoes. It’s so weird. It must be rewarding when they finally wrap around the wire - to hang and be cool until the end of time. Here’s a Christmas card about it. Rep’ your hood - or at least decorate it.

Hood Ornaments - NEW Christmas Design from PaperMichelle

Hood Ornaments - NEW Christmas Design from PaperMichelle

Gertie Makes Her PaperMichelle Debut

My girl, Gertie, is the inspiration for my latest design. She does this gross (adorable. awesome. hilarious.) thing where she steals dirty socks from the laundry just to have. She is super protective of these socks. She places them in meticulous piles, carries them around in her mouth and sleeps on top of them. I think she does it because she loves me so much. I’m sure it has nothing to do with dirty socks being salty and stinky. Nothing at all. Just pure love. I love you back, little homie.


New Designs in Shop!

I have several new designs in the works, but I got around to printing three of them yesterday! Have a look…