Custom Shower Invitations for Baby Savannah!

One of my friends from way back is having a little baby girl! I had the pleasure of designing her shower invitations and I am so happy with how they came out. The nursery doesn’t really have a theme, but a definite shabby-chic vibe with lots of florals and feminine touches. I think these will fit perfectly! Congrats to the little family - so excited for you.

Baby shower invitations - gocco from PaperMichelle

Baby shower invitations - gocco from PaperMichelle

NYC PaperCut - Saturday at the Market


I make no secret about the fact that I am (as cliche as it is) in love with New York City. I hope that in a past life or some alternate universe, I lived the NYC existence I am always dreaming of. I guess I love it for the reasons people always love it: change, opportunity, anonymity, freedom, speed, color, big ideas. I haven’t been able to work out living there in THIS life, but I still think about it as fondly as I think of home. Maybe one day, some great thing will drag me out east and I will live out my days endlessly exploring. Until then, I have vacation days.

This new piece is inspired by one of my favorite places and favorite daydreams about NYC - the summer flea market, particularly Brooklyn Flea. Fresh fruit. Cucumber soda. Amazing Mexican food. Antiques. Bad ass antiques. People. Noise. Sitting on the steps and watching it unfold on the hottest New York day. If I did live in the area, my wallet and my watch would be in serious trouble, because oh - I would spend time and dolla, dolla bills y’all. Every weekend, I would climb on my bicycle, load up my homegirl, Gertie and hit the streets looking for a thrill - maybe a block party (a la The Cosby Show) or maybe just an unplanned ice cream cone.

*Sigh* I know. This is a hugely romanticized view of a big, burly city from a wide-eyed midwestern girl. Shhhh - just let me keep it.