Writer’s Digest Submission

Painting/Jean-Michel Basquiat

I have been on this weird kick of entering competitions in writing and illustration lately. This morning I submitted two entries to the Writer’s Digest Annual Writing Competition - one mainstream/literary short story and one rhyming poem. I’m pretty satisfied with both - here’s the poem:

I’m a hip-hop princess
A happy hour whore
A New York City luster
A Jack Kerouac connoisseur

I’m an unlucky lover
A coffee haus cliché
A bluegrass beatnik
And depressive by day

Warhol inspired -
Swish and a little campy
Basquiat admired -
Unapologetic and tramping

I’m a social scene smoker
Abercrombie & FUBU
A little bit cult-classic, my friend –
Who the hell are you?