Turn To Your Wildlife…

…for inspiration. I think we should have this poster hanging above the bed of every child in the whole world. It reminds me of the WPA posters I love so much.


Weekend Vintage: Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day weekend, everyone! I hope you all have a safe, fun holiday with your friends and families. XO.

Vintage Nautical Dress from PassionFlowerVintage

Vintage Summer Picnic Basket Purse from littleveggievintage

Vintage Nautical Swimsuit from jessjamesjake

Vintage Red White Blue Ring from ThreeChicksVintage

Vintage Gingham Dress from VirginiahWho

Vintage Red Leather Wedges from bootmeister

Vintage Heart Earrings from atreeaflower

Vintage Watermelon Dispenser by autumnalways

Vintage Striped Sunglasses from whatthefunk

Vintage Regatta Stripe from MariesVintage

The Hundred in the Hands - Tom Tom

I am not feeling the Karen O-ish manipulation of the mic. That aside, I think this is a catchy summertime, synth-pop jam -at least, a worthy addition to your hot season mixtape. Bonus - THITH is touring with The Golden Filter, another love of mine.

Check out the sampler for their EP, This Desert:

Weekend Vintage: Spring Garden

A few vintage lovelies inspired by working in my yard all weekend long! I’m so excited for my first little veggie garden!

1980s Open Back Dress by DalenaVintage

1970s Grow Your Own Brooch from trudy10

Vintage Summer Picnic Basket from thevintagethread

80s Vintage Sunglasses from whatthefunk

Vintage Metal Toolbox by AGlimpseFromthePast

Vintage Woven Flats from thebagbasement

Francis & the Lights - Numero Dos

I am so in love. You guys are beyond bizarre. This is my favorite thing of the day…

A Modern Promise (music video) from Francis and the Lights on Vimeo.

Memoryhouse - Lately

More than the song itself, I love the dreamy aesthetic of the official video for Memoryhouse’s Lately.

via gorilla vs. bear

My Green Love

Check out my newest acquisition!! Isn’t it perfectly feminine? I’m going to add a belt and some retro-inspired shoes, but it really is perfect as is. I cannot wait to wear it out!

Maeve Beda Dress via anthro

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros - Home

I’m so lame. I totally missed the boat on this one since this track was released last summer. Nevertheless, it is one of the best things I’ve ever seen. Hippies - god bless you. Please take me along for the ride. I will be looking forward to the show at the Pabst on June 7th!

Darling, It’s Alright

Francis & the Lights is blowing my mind with this little ditty. Don’t be deceived by the simplicity and hang on for the end - you’re in for a moment of dance insanity that makes the world ok for a while. Love, love, love.

via The Fader

Gig Poster Love

Some of my favorite modern design comes from gig posters. They’re fascinating. They represent a fleeting, epic experience but the art endures on its own. Here are few that I heart…






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