Time is of the Essence

Nothing like an impeccably designed, vintage clock to remind you that time is always slipping by. Tick tock.




Navy & Lace

A few Etsy feminine pretties for your Monday…love how delicate they are.

Chiffon Trimmed Cotton Tank by lanya

Anais Vaselisa Dress by zorya

Pretty Damsel Clutch by Folk

Radiolaria Bracelet by nervoussystem

Navy Blue Nautical Shirt by Minxshop

Plants and Animals - Game Show

This Plants and Animals track is gorgeous. Check out their acoustic performance for East Village Radio.

…so good, so easy…

Sebastien Schuller, Your Music is Lovely

I will always be a sucker for distant, pretty voices. Loving this track from Sebastien Schuller.

Photo credit/The Sartorialist

Photo credit/The Sartorialist

“Yes, we have to keep it…”

My little card made the Etsy front page yesterday. That card has always been a secret favorite of mine, so I was happy to see it getting some love. I’m reminding you (*reminding myself) again - Mother’s Day is fast approaching!


Inspired in Brooklyn

I found these images on seesaw yesterday, which led me to the original New York Times feature. I am absolutely loving the sort of clean but antique vibe to the Brooklyn apartment/home office - thinking downtown studio meets midwest farm house. I will be stealing some of these elements, starting with the cork board collection.

Photo credit/The New York Times

Photo credit/The New York Times





Etsy Bride Shout Out!

Miss Claire from Etsy Bride featured my “Bicycle Built for Two” card in a post yesterday! Oh - how I love seafoam green. Check out the other bridal pretties in the collection!


A Busy Day for PaperMichelle!

I had a great Tuesday! I spent the morning working on some custom wedding invitations, and then I got some happy news: a front page feature on Etsy. What an adorable Mother’s Day curation (pssst - don’t forget Mother’s Day!) I actually purchased one of these cards, “You’re My All Thyme Favorite” from DapperPaper. Way awesome!

After that, PaperMichelle got a super sweet blog post from Melissa of Yellow Elm! She featured a little selection of my cards and gave me a lovely shout out. Many thanks, Miss Melissa!


New MGMT - Flash Delirium

How about a nice little jam to kick off your day? Here’s the video for MGMT’s new single, Flash Delirium. The new album, Congratulations, will be released on April 13th. They’ve got their work cut out for them, because Oracular Spectacular was a huge smash.