My Newest Hobby - Gertrude

This is my little girl, Gertie. I had no idea how time consuming such a small beast could be. Say hello!


Broken Bells + Kids = Crazy Brilliant

(CC) Andy Sternberg -

(CC) Andy Sternberg -

If you have not heard of Broken Bells, it is the newest pursuit of James Mercer (the Shins) and producer extraordinaire, Danger Mouse (Brian Burton.) Their self-titled, debut album came out last week - go buy it immediately after checking out the vids below.

I have an incredibly weak spot in my heart for James Mercer. It might have something do with the fact that he resembles a younger, slimmer Kevin Spacey - but I think it has more to do with his musical ingenuity. Since the early - WAY EARLY - days of the Shins, I have been chasing that voice. It is one of those tones that hits me in the stomach in just the right way; I’m not sure if I should cry, dance or pray. Broken Bells do not disappoint in that regard.

Today, I was reminded of the ridiculous amount of innovation coming from these guys. The only evidence you need is that they held a focus group with kids. Children. I don’t doubt that it actually shaped their production decisions. I’m just amazed.

Weekend Vintage: Concert Ready

Going to “rock shows” is my personal vice. I spend way too much money on them, but it is money well spent because they make me endlessly happy. Tonight I will be attending the elusive, solo Jeff Tweedy (Wilco) show at the Vic in Chicago. YAY!!!

One bonus of going to concerts is that it is a bit like a costume party. You can pull out your most outrageous ensemble and be completely appropriate. In my day to day life, my wardrobe is pretty much nerd-chic (I love cardigans. LOVE them.) My concert persona is much cooler. She rocks scandalous boots, skinny jeans that cut off circulation and a smug attitude that will not be rivaled (which is key if you want to blend in with the unhappy, but uber-cool, hipsters.) In actuality, I’m not very cool at all, but I do like to play dress up. :)

Here are some vintage lovelies with a little boho flair - totally appropriate for tonight’s show.

Vintage Beige Mini Dress from PrettyRaccoon

Vintage Turquoise Bohemian Earrings from misovintage

Vintage Brown Leather Clutch from smellyshoesvintage

Opera Length Locket from HeavenAwaits

Vintage Oxfords from MereTrifles

Klaxons - “Golden Skans” and “No Diggity”

Ok - I know I am way behind the curve on this one. I have to admit that I’ve never “gotten into” the Klaxons because frankly, I don’t like the name of their band. I’m so superficial. This morning I came across their cover of “No Diggity” (a la Blackstreet) which won them major points with me - enough to trump their failure of a band name. Anyway, I came across this little jam while diggin’ the YouTube scene and I kinda like it. You can check out No Diggity below.

PaperMichelle Feature!

Aww, I love blog features!! Bonnie from Going Home to Roost was so super sweet that she featured my little shop.

Check it out here!