Sunday Funday: Get Your Ruffle On

Happy Sunday, friends! Check out these perfectly ruffled gals (and clocks.) Nothing says good times like a girl in ruffles.

Ruffle Front Skirt by LoveToLoveYou (Quite possibly, the cutest skirt I’ve ever seen.)

Ruffle Felt Cascade Clock by MCDB

Vintage Persimmon Striped Shell Dress from BloodtoBloom

Irina Dress by elizandaxel

Vintage 80s Ruffle Mini Sun Dress by RingoRockYay

Weekend Vintage: Sweet Saturday

Hello weekend! I picked out a handful of uber-sweet Etsy vintage items for the day. It might not be quite warm enough for this ensemble, but these pieces are still adorable. In anticipation of warmer days…

Vintage Sunglasses from sustalux

Vintage Mini Tunic Dress by soymilkcafe

Vintage Owl Pendant from smellyshoesvintage

Vintage Pouch and Key Holder from jessjamesjake

Vintage Riding Boots from thevintagecloset

Lights - Fire Night

It is Friday, friends. Get your party on - include gobs of glitter.

via Drag City and YouTube

All I Need: Radiohead

For things unsaid, unseen…

Etsy Vintage: Lemon!

Oh yellow: the color of sunshine, which I miss in the worst way. Today’s picks are some vintage pretties that made me momentarily forget my seasonal affective disorder. XOXO.

60s Lemon Butter Dress Coat by StylinRecycin

Yellow Vintage Bakelite Bangle from RageoftheAge

Vintage Lemon Ruched Dress by fabgabs

1960s Miss Muffest Dress by TheChurchofVintage

Vintage Navy Bow Shoes by softspoken

Monday Tracks

Just because its Monday tomorrow - and you might need one of the following two songs to get through the day.

If you are looking for immediate gratification and wholesome, eighties fun:

Or perhaps you’re the brooding type that needs some depth to make your world right:

If you see it in the sun, it’s so.

I’m back guys! (Try to contain yourself.)

It feels like forever since I posted on my blog. The last few months have been nuts, but things are starting to wind down a bit. It was nice to spend some time with my family, move out of my apartment, work on my house and sort of clear my head - but the break is over and it is time to get down to business. I will be updating my shop over the next few weeks - hopefully adding some things, changing some things and trying to get back into the daily blog habit.

Something to look forward to - I got a screen printer for Christmas, so you should see some larger prints in shop soon. I’m excited about moving beyond my dear little gocco, but I won’t abandon her. Along those lines, I bought myself this gorgeous print (1897, Louis Rhead.) “If you see it in THE SUN, it’s so,” is a quote from the infamous newspaper (THE SUN) article that inspired, “Yes, Virginia, There Is a Santa Claus.” But I like to think of it in the literal sense - if you see it in the sun, it’s so. Lovely.

American Artist, Louis Rhead/1897

American Artist, Louis Rhead/1897