New Kings of Convenience

Look…I’m sorry. I can’t say how busy I am. I am neglecting my darling blog. Its all for good cause, but until I am finished fixing my little house and moving from my sweet apartment (tear)…things will be much like this. So I’ll drop by from time to time, leave you an excuse and a bit of musical wisdom as you’ll find below. I promise I’ll return in due time.

The new Kings of Convenience album is beautiful. It is a country drive on a fall day…gorgeous and contemplative. Do yourself a favor and pick it up.

The Antlers - Two

Happy Monday people. Its a gloomy day here today and I was needing some color. I thought I’d share with you…

Two from The Antler’s newest release, Hospice. If you’re a sad bastard, Kettering is worth a listen.

White Hinterland - My Love

What a week its been! My days have been quite long ever since I acquired my sweet little house. The poor dear needs so much work that I have a hard time pulling myself away. Its really cathartic to get down into the bowels of the house and really clean her, fix her completely. I’m having a lot of fun and my dad, bless his patient heart, is teaching me so much.

Totally unrelated. Kind of loving this slow jam from White Hinterland. Its a cover of Justin Timberlake’s My Love. It is a great fall track…the droning in the background mashed up with her withering, ethereal vocals is just perfect with tea and honey. xoxo.

…and a few of her own tracks…

White Hinterland “Mon Amie La Rose” & “Vessels” from Left | Right Hand on Vimeo.