I’ve recently come across a few things on Etsy that are just too cute. I wish I had piles of money so I could buy them all. For now, I’ll share them with you and we can drool over them together.

Tinkerbell Ballet Flats by spirocreations

Vintage Evening Dress from myfavoritevintage

Vintage Owl Ring from lolley

Over the Rhine - Desperate for Love

This is a perfect Wednesday morning, sitting outside the coffee shop, reading obscure poetry kind of song. The video is so artfully done…just stunning. xoxo.

The Sartorialist - August 12 US Release

Photo credit to The Sartorialist

You can have your very own copy of The Sartorialist very, very soon! Its due for release in the US on August 12.

The Magic Wands

How about a couple feel good jams from the Magic Wands to get your party started…happy weekend! XOXO/Michelle

GermanFest, Ja!

One of my favorite weekends of the year is upon us: GermanFest! I’m a little German girl myself, so beer and brats always remind me of me. haha. Milwaukee has a huge German population, a few sausage makers and multiple breweries; its practically Germany’s doppelganger. My parents are coming up tomorrow to join me for some serious polka and lederhosen. It doesn’t get much better than that in my book! Here are just a few German-inspired Etsy cuties.

Schnuckiputzi Skirt from LoveToLoveYou

Rolf the Bitsy Baby Gnome Stamp by Corrabelle

Kitschy Bier Stein from kitschcafe

Etsy {Weds}day: Circus, Circus!

Weddings don’t need to be thematic, but its kind of exciting when they are! Today’s Etsy {Weds}day picks are inspired by the greatest show on earth, le cirque. Its a sweet, colorful alternative to the white wedding. Check it out!

Striped Carnival Dress by ouma

Happily Ever After Card by afavorite

Circus Time Fun Cupcake Toppers by ThePeach

Moulin Rouge Hair Fascinator by rubymanchester17

Circus Decorations by kategreiner

Weekend Vintage: Afternoon Tea

It is a lazy kind of Saturday around here and I’m making up some tea as I write this. Today’s Weekend Vintage is inspired by those slow-moving days that require nothing more than a book, a quiet table and a cup of chamomile with honey. Happy weekend!

Vintage Ladies Dress from fashionshelf

Vintage FireKing Cup and Saucer from aimeesarmoire

Sunday Burgundy Tea Time Earrings by pennyshopgirl
*Handmade, not vintage.

1950s Vintage Patent Leather Italian Heels from BelleMereBelleFille

Vintage Floral Cuff from ohhellofriend

Weekend Vintage: Casual Saturday

Today’s Weekend Vintage Etsy picks are perfect for a laid back, sunny Saturday. I’m on my way to my family’s cabin for some summertime relaxing myself. Can’t wait to turn off the electronics, hang out on the porch and catch up on some reading. Happy weekend! xoxo

Vintage Sunglasses from toffie

Vintage Pollyanna Blouse from ggiotta

Vintage Sliding Heart Bracelet from moonacre

Vintage Denim Mini from thelasthurrah

70s Vintage Leather Wedges from snappyfishvintage

Tandem Love - Etsy Front Page!

Making Etsy’s front page will never get old. I guess my little Tandem Bike card made it yesterday, although I didn’t get to see it. Thanks to Craftcult, I can still get a glimpse at the company I was in. Lovin’ all the bikey goodness!

Yim Yames … aka, Jim James of MMJ


Jim James, lead singer of My Morning Jacket, has compiled a collection of solo covers. Tribute To is literally a tribute to George Harrison. It will be out in stores on August 4th, but is available for exclusive download here. Here are a few gems for your iPod:

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