Wilco Will Love You, Baby

Today’s the day, kids!!! New Wilco from my boyfriend Jeff Tweedy and his cronies. I’ll be heading out to Best Buy to pick up my copy later on. Sometimes iTunes just doesn’t cut it, ya know? You want the experience of the album in hand. Plus, you can give your friends a smug look when they tell you that they ripped a copy from some sketchy corner of the web. If you get the album, remember to look for me in the photographs!!…I would friggin’ die.

Check out “Wilco (The Song)” from Bonnaroo. I got to see it live when they played Milwaukee, its definitely a jam.

Video courtesy of DntBrnDPg/Youtube

Weekend Vintage

This weekend’s vintage picks come on Sunday because I’m off to Strawberry Fest today — think, farmer’s market meets small town church festival. This is one of my favorite weekends of the year and I cannot wait to get my hands on some strawberry shortcake. Check out these cuties, all totally appropriate for the phenomenon that is Strawberry Fest. Happy weekend! xoxo.

1970s Wedge Heels from BlackSwanVintage

Vintage Paris Springtime Dress from NodtoModvintage

Vintage Sunglasses from sippingtea

Pastel Pleated Skirt from thelasthurah

Straw Market Bag from SkinnyandBernie

Etsy Front Page

My Party Gnome made it to Etsy’s front page really early on Friday morning. It was a nice surprise to see my little gnome being a total celebrity at 6 AM. Many thanks to raggedyowl.

Etsy {Weds}day No. 5: A Modern Bride

My personal style is very simple. I like things to be clean with good lines and solid construction. Here are a few perfectly simple items fit for the modern bride that can’t be held down by the constraints of big bows and ridiculous trains. Love, love, love.

Shimmer Cloud Dress from lizarietz

Vase from redhotpottery

Anne Silk Shantung Dress from MissMignonette

Vintage Kitten Heels from TheRubyKitten

Birdcage Bridal Hat from satanica

Sigur Ros Takeaway Show

Sigur Ros and blogotheque…oh, its a lovely thing. From start to finish, I find this vid to be really endearing. Enjoy.

Video courtesy of la blogotheque

Weekend Vintage

I’ve got some fantastic vintage gems for this weekend’s picks. Looks like I was really feeling green and purple tonight. I think all of these super girly pieces are perfect for whatever your Saturday plans might be….brunch, shopping, hot date, whatev. They’re all so cute and will easily transition from day to night. Happy weekend!!! xoxo.

Vintage Shirt from VeraVague

Vintage Chiffon Party Dress from vintagemarmalade

Vintage Mini Dress from monamivie

Vintage Laura Ashley Strapless from tessaboo

Apple Green Top from VirginiaWho

Wilco (the album)

Album cover via Rollingstone and wilcoworld

There’s not much rhyme or reason to this post other than the fact that I am getting insanely excited for the new Wilco album to “drop.” (June 30th is the magical date.) The new cover art was released back in May. I took particular interest because I participated in the photo shoot for the cover at the Pabst here in Milwaukee. They obviously didn’t use those photos, but I’m still holding out hope for the liner. Not sure how I feel about this cover anyway…its ok, a little disjunct, a little quirky but it doesn’t shout “WILCO” to me. It just doesn’t really fit into the lineup of their previous albums which were artsy, spacial, monochromatic images that made me feel dreamy.

Nevertheless, I am certain that this album will stand up against the other albums musically. The shows earlier this year suggest that the new album is progressive, but not unfamiliar. Perhaps, as the album cover suggests, we can expect a little more color from this album. No matter what, I have a crush on Jeff Tweedy and any missteps are easily forgiven. (JT, call me. wink.) You can expect a full album review shortly after Wilco’s release.

I haven’t posted many mixtape suggestions in a while. Here are a few for your listening pleasure…some old, some new, all fantastic:

1. The Greatest Denier - Doves
2. Girlfriend Is Better - Talking Heads
3. Hotel Arizona - Wilco
4. Of Montreal - The Stills
5. Soft Shock - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
6. Rewind - Stereophonics
7. The Great Defector - Bell X1
8. The Nude - Catherine Wheel

Etsy {Weds}day No. 4: Au Natural

Today’s gorgeous picks are inspired by nature and the girls that need it to get through the day. I love the randomness of things that grow, natural light in the morning and bare feet in the grass. Whenever I get married, its likely to take place in my parent’s backyard complete with a vegetable garden, a tool shed and an overloaded mulberry tree. On a sunny day, that place cannot be beat.

I heart all of these items and they would all be welcome in my backyard wedding…show some love. xoxo.

Vintage Slip Wedding Dress by ktjean

Modern Eggplant Wedding Bouquet from Ardesign

Natural Diamond and Tourmaline Ring from Onestonenewyork

Wrap Headband from summerblossom

Wild Birdseed Heart Favors from naturefavors

Schloss Neuschwanstein Paper Cut

Here is a rather low quality photograph of a small paper cut I did for my mom. It is of Schloss Neuschwanstein (Bavaria/Germany,) and it will reside in baby’s room at my parent’s house.


Weekend Vintage!!!

OH MY GOSH…I am in love with all of these amazing vintage lovelies. They are fab, gorg, de-lish and I cannot get enough. I better start digging through my closet so I find an equally badass weekend outfit. Happy weekend!


Vintage Snake Skin Platforms from jamesrowlandshop

Vintage Suede Leather Jacket from apocalypsevintage

Laurel Burch Art Deco Earrings from FaithandFranny

Retro Polka Dot Top from BluesyMod

Vintage Oversized Sunglasses from TuscaloosaRoad

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