Art Institute of Chicago

Chicago, Millenium Park (AIC)

As I mentioned, I was in Chicago yesterday for some rock ‘n roll, but I got some culture along the way. We got to check out the Art Institute of Chicago (free admission on Fridays) and it was amazing. I didn’t realize the depth of their collection, but there I was…face to face with so many of the paintings I’ve seen my entire life. Seurat, Van Gogh, Toulouse-Lautrec, Hockney, Monet, Warhol…and on and on. It was enough to make me consider going back to school for art history. That is doubtful, but it was beautifully surreal and inspiring to see such renowned works first hand. Here are some of my favorites:







Weekend Vintage

Here are some more gorgeous vintage finds from Etsy. They all make me want to pack a picnic basket, pick a book and find the nearest park. Happy weekend everyone!

xoxo, Michelle

Sheer Vintage Dress from thelasthurrah

Vintage Woven Picnic Basket from vintageonelm

Vintage Scarf from seabearia

Vintage Tortoise Sunglasses from thepuddingstorevint

Vintage Green Boots from CHERRYPICKVINTAGE

Doves in Chicago

Photo courtesy of

Doves are headlining at the Vic in Chicago tomorrow (Friday) night. They are out promoting their newest release, Kingdom of Rust (2009, Heavenly Records). I will most certainly be there!

Etsy {Weds}day No. 1

Now that we’re well into spring and wedding season, I have to admit that I am feeling the love. Its not that I am in the mood for my own wedding (not yet,) but I am thoroughly enjoying browsing through all of the gorgeous options out there for other happy couples. In the spirit of wedded-bliss, I am going to do something new on my blog: Etsy {Weds}days! Cheesy, yes…fun, yes. I am certain this doesn’t need explaining as it is exactly what the name implies: I’ll pick out some of my favorite wedding inspired Etsy finds and share them with you all on Wednesdays…nothing more. I’ve been toying with the idea of doing more wedding stationery anyway, so this is actually research. *wink*

Lets get started! I couldn’t resist these gorgeous, uber-feminine, slightly French, somewhat champagne lovelies. They are all so romantic and delicate! I heart them in a serious way.

Vintage 50s Gown from snappyfishvintage

Filigreen Cupcake Flags by buttercreambee

The Pretty Peony Bridal Headband by PenelliBelle

Handmade Wedding Day Book by 5dollarfrenchmarket

Handmade Bridal Belt by myrakim

The Fabric Clutch by BabbsBoutique

It is almost dad’s day.

Remember when it was just Christmas like five minutes ago? Well, tomorrow is Memorial Day and shortly thereafter, Father’s Day. I’ve got just a couple designs…but I think they’re pretty spectacular as far as Father’s Day cards go. lol. My own father will be getting “You Are So Manly” in one of the two colors. I’m so sorry for being totally not-modest, but this card cracks me up.

You Are So Manly (in yellow)

…and you are in luck, it also comes in blue:

You Are So Manly (in blue)

And a totally different, specifically Father’s Day card:
BBQ Father’s Day Card

Lets be honest, dads are pretty important guys; they fix things, they teach us how to fish, they scare off potential boyfriends. I speak for myself when I say my dad is the best dad I know. Reciprocate the love to your daddy-dearest.

P.S. Father’s Day is on June 21st of this year. I’m sure you knew that.

New (blue) Shoes!

Another pair of fantastic Navid O Nadia heels for your drooling pleasure. They are blueberry blue, strappy and a little bit bad, just how I like ‘em. I will be test-driving them all weekend, can’t wait!


New Iron & Wine

The falsetto on Sam Beam is absolutely heart-breaking. Sounds fantastic, just wish I was there! (Fingerprints/Long Beach, CA) Enjoy.

video via mwillie70

The new release, Around the Well, came out May 19th on Sub Pop. It is a 2 disc LP of rare gems sure to touch your inner sad bastard.

NSS, Franks A Bun!

Ahh sweet, lovely, glorious paper.

I’ve been perusing all the blogs featuring the fab new stuff from NSS…and I must say, there are some really fantastic pieces this year. I really wish I would have gone and I’m hoping that I’ll be ready to exhibit this time next year. Bravo to all who took part and thanks to those reporting back for us drooling, green-with-envy paper lovers to see. By far, my FAVORITE has been this super simple, perfectly hilarious card from the always-whitty eggpress:

photo via (oh so) beautiful paper

Weekend Vintage

Its another sunny Saturday here in Wisconsin. I’m heading to Madison later today to do some shopping, probably making a stop at my favorite Jamba Juice along the way. Oh, how I love shopping on State Street on days like this.

I found these pretties this morning over my cup of coffee. They look like summer to me and I want them all!

Happy weekend, xoxo!!!

Vintage Mini Dress from PrettyRaccoon

Vintage Cuff Shoes from KarendasKloset

Vintage Aviators from vjones1

Vintage Clutch from bellakait

Vintage Cutout Top from deborahjeanvintage

i luv a rainy night

Here in Milwaukee it is a dark and stormy night…and I can’t get enough. This is one of the year’s first storms complete with thunder, lightning and buckets of rain. I think we all need a good shower from time to time…something to wash away the grime of city living. I have the door to my balcony wide open to let in that clean smell (something between wet grass and flowers) and its just perfect! I’m likely to jump in some puddles after this post.

In the meantime, here are some rain inspired Etsy items. I love, love, love them all.

Rain Print from blancucha

Vintage Rain Boots from MariesVintage

Mint Cameo Pin by ohhellofriend

Rain Coat from iluchka

Raincloud Egg by craftcakedesigns

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