the Republic Tigers

I saw these guys in NYC last weekend when they opened for Travis. I’m not going to lie, I’m not big on watching opening acts, but I was really surprised by how good their live show was. Here’s a video from their single, Buildings & Mountains.

The Republic Tigers - Buildings & Mountains

Etsy Front Page

I’m really sick today, so it was a nice surprise to see one of my cards on Etsy’s Front Page! Its my first time…and I’m way excited about it. (Middle photo, bottom row…my little Woodland Wedding card!)


I also put together a bright and cheerful treasury tonight…because I’m feeling slightly less than bright or cheerful. Check it out, then send some soup.



Ahh yes, its just about time to leave my sweet, little midwest for the big city. It should be fantastic. I’ll leave you with these amazing finds from sellers in the NYC vicinity. Back on Tuesday with photos and stories to tell.

Check out BROOKLYNrehab’s tribute to the Great Lakes! I love, love, love these fun things!

Brooklyn Track Tee by TeeShirtGnome

linocut print by livefrombklyn

Souvenir Pigeon Mug by BROOKLYNrehab

Snap Bones Shirt by ruffeoheartslilsnoty

i heart new york city card by GreenwichLetterpress

i heart nyc

I mentioned my upcoming trip to NYC a while ago and its almost here! Friday morning I’m leavin’ on a jet plane, taking off for a few glorious days in the big city. So far, the weather looks like it will be amazing so keep your fingers crossed, please!!


Most of the trip will be spent seeing the sights, eating some amazing food, doing the tourist thing but Saturday night we’ll be checking out Travis at Webster Hall. We’re big fans and I’m way excited. He’s a video from one of their older tracks, Sing.

I couldn’t help picking out some flashy nyc/travel inspired things from Etsy. Friday can’t get here soon enough…but these fun finds will help hold me over. Show some love!

i love ny Photo by liamhenry

The Courier Bag by Beesnetta

NYC Area Code Stationery by jetsetpaper

Summer Love Cargo from bombalurina

Skyline Shadow Box by peppersprouts

Pretty, Pretty Shoes

Warning: The following paragraph sounds shamelessly shallow. I’m sorry about that…I just really like shoes.

When it comes to shoes, I am true to the female stereotype — I love them. No other material thing makes me happier than a cute pair of shoes and I’ve been that way since I was about two (I had the BEST pair of velcro Strawberry Shortcake shoes and some jellies that were to die for.)

A good pair of shoes can brighten your day and turn some heads all in one stride. By “good pair of shoes” I don’t really mean the cushy, lumpy kind that give you good posture. I’m talking serious heels, loud colors and probably a touch of sass…anything that gives you a bit of confidence. I think more people should consider what their footwear (and general appearance) is saying to the world…but thats just my little opinion. I think you should always look your best because the rest of the world has to look at you. Right?

No matter your shoe of choice, remember what they say: always put your best foot forward. Here are some vintage pretties from Etsy that can help you do just that!

Tiger Heel Vintage Boots from ebielli

Vintage Mustard Pumps from Melindamilkshake

White Vintage Heels from FutureSailor

Vintage Charles Jourdan Pumps from RockZombieOldies

Vintage Chartreuse Pump Sandals from biretu

Crayon Factory!!!

If you were born in the 70s or 80s like me, you know that this was your favorite thing ever. This video might single-handedly be responsible for any artistic abilities I possess. The video makes me want to crack open a brand new box of crayons (which has one of the best smells, doesn’t it??) Thanks Sesame Street!

Saturday at the Market

There are very few things that I like more than an open air Farmers’ Market. We have a couple nice ones here in the Milwaukee area, and I also live across the street from Whole Foods (which gets me through our brutal, terrible, unfair winter months.)

There is just so much to love about an outdoor market…pretty pretty flowers, fresh seasonal produce, vibrant colors, all those earthy smells, the farmers with stories and remedies, the wares of local artisans and on and on. With the warm weather headed our way, I’ve got the itch to get out to the market and do some shopping. Here are some pretties inspired by this lovely weekend and the market.

Farmers Market Bag by dingmandesign

Vintage Hat from thevintagecloset

Hand Printed Tomato Card by maliday

Floral Skirt by TallGiraffe

Cherry Picking Necklace from luxedeluxe

Tweedy, the Brewers Fan

Photo credit CJ Foeckler and The Pabst Theater

Here’s just a fun photo from the other night at the Pabst. Happy weekend everyone! I’m off to Gallery Night.

PS! The night of the second show, we got to “participate” in a photo shoot for the new Wilco album cover (tentatively called Hemispheres.) By participate, I mean stand in a line while a photog snapped pics of the side of our faces. It was fun no-less. Maybe you’ll see my arm…and then I’ll be famous. hehe.

Almost Earth Day

Earth Day 2009 is next Wednesday, April 22nd.

Of course, every day should be Earth Day. We should always be mindful of our decisions and conscious of our impact on this sweet little planet. I know that I have some things that I should work on in order to become a leaner, greener me:

a. Drive less and consider less gas-guzzling mode of transport.
b. Be more diligent about bringing my canvas bags to the store. Plastic is so tacky.
c. Use less water. I’m embarrassed to say that I really love a bath.
d. Use less electricity. (It sure is hard with all the gadgets these days!)
e. Shop locally, organically and from eco-sensitive sources.
f. Work more recycled materials into my shop. This is a big one.

Here are some earth-inspired finds from Etsy. All of these shops are making great efforts to be responsible and to ensure a greener future. Please show some love!

eARTH Bowl by cinderelish

Leaf Pin by hudsonny

You Are My Sunshine Card by redbirdink

Terrarium No. 19 by blithegardens

Tree Branch Organic Shirt by ecozuzu

Gig Posters

What an under-appreciated art form! Personally, I love the gritty aesthetic of gig posters. My apartment is decorated in them, along with some old timey war propaganda posters. They represent a time, a place and a very specific event. I think there is something romantic about these paper tributes that attempt to capture the energy of the time and the people taking part.

Here are my two most recent acquisitions. The first is a print from the Wilco show last night. (Love how the artist went for the obvious Pabst/Milwaukee/beer relationship.)

Wilco, 2009 Tour in Milwaukee, WI

The Tallest Man on Earth, 2009 in Milwaukee, WI

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