The Elephant in the Room.

I have this habit of looking at ordinary things and seeing something else…like looking at the clouds and seeing a dinosaur. I think a lot of people are in this habit but I decided I’d take it a step further. Enjoy…I plan to do this type of thing regularly.

Cabinet Handle
This is a photograph of the medicine cabinet handle in my bathroom. Its ordinary, except that I always see something else…hehe…

Elephant Handle

Elephant Handle

Disaster Strikes

If you’ve ever wondered why multitasking is a bad idea, here is why…

Gocco, the aftermath.

For those of you that don’t know how a gocco screen printer works…its a complicated process but basically you burn an image onto a screen so you can make multiple copies of the image. Got it so far? This is a great system, works perfectly…when you’re paying attention and REMEMBER TO INSERT THE SCREEN! Yes, I totally burned a silly image of schools of fish directly onto my stage glass. Alas, it cannot be saved but the replacement part is on its way from Japan. The production line at the PaperMichelle factory has been brought to a dramatic, annoying halt. We hope to be up and running in 7-10 days. *frown*

The moral: Pay attention. Always.

Wilco, Yes Please.

**UPDATE** We got tickets, amazing tickets, to both days!! Looks like the show will sell out and ultimately move to the Riverside. I would be absolutely shocked if it didn’t…but then again, Wilco is a class act and they might’ve requested the quaint venue that is the Pabst. There will be photos after this show…to be continued…

I’m certainly not alone, but I wholeheartedly believe that Wilco is the best band in the world. Thats why I’m so very excited that they’ll be gracing the Pabst with their presence for TWO nights in April. They’re out promoting the new dvd (*rockumentary*,) Ashes of the American Flag. Can’t wait for some good ole American fun.

Radio King is a favorite of mine. This song comes from a Jeff Tweedy era pre-Wilco (Golden Smog) but he still performs it out on his solo tour. The lyrics are simple and the guitar is gorgeous. What a character, that Jeff Tweedy.

In other music news, lots of solid acts coming our way. To name a few, Neko Case, the Decemberists, Josh Radin, Mogwai, Rachael Yamagata, Ray LaMontagne, Animal Collective, Morrissey…and I’m sure there are plenty of others…but I’m excited about TRAVIS IN NYC. Yes, yes, yes!!! Another show with photos to follow. Here is one from the last round in Chicago…look familiar?
Travis in Chicago

In the deep chrome canyons…

…of the loudest Manhattans.

I was happy to break some news to my dear boyfriend yesterday. I planned a trip to NYC to see a band we love, do some shopping, do some Anthony Bourdain inspired eating. So excited. I do love New York.

Here’s a new piece inspired by our trip. I got funky with my exacto blade, dug up every NYC lyric I could find and took some inspiration from the filthy 80s New York scene to bring you this:

New York, New York

New York, New York

London Calling

Here’s my newest treasury. I love all fun things from these shops!

London Calling Treasury

Saturday Poetry

At dinner last night, I was engaged in a conversation about why people settle. Get a job, buy a house, have a baby, save your money, etcetera. I’m not speaking out against any of that, but its interesting that we often live these linear, predictable lives. Why doesn’t that bother more people? I don’t know…I was just thinkin’…it kind of bothers me.

The conversation reminded me of a poet/poem that often awakens whatever rebel that lives inside me. I love this poem. It makes me want to always stay in motion.

the suburban prophets
(d.a. levy)

oh its an easy cool
that rolling of long grass lawn tranquility
and long grass philosophy
sounds almost as absurd
as suburban hipsters
smoking long grass
like panama red while subtly discussing
plato ouspensky sartre or zen
putting it down
its easy
from the long grass lands &
from the long grass lands
‘everything is good’

“everything is god”
in the land of shad trees
“Everything is God”
“the universe is one”
walking in the long grass lands with flowers
within reach of quiet hands

“You bet motherfucker,
let me tell you about
the satori i had last week!”
in the suburbs
its easy
to remember
golden rules & golden days
& god is good even tho non-existent
its a good world in the suburban long grass
you can watch the grass grow
& smell progress in the open sky
and its easy to forget
across the city
are streets of hunger
and that suburban tranquility
doesn’t feed those hungry streets
and that suburban tranquility
doesn’t mean a good fuck
on suburban lawns

its easy to think there
are jobs for everyone
when youve got one

its easy to quote lao tzu
when yr wife isnt on the streets
and dont have to dodge the
welfare children

its an easy cool
laying on the quiet suburban lawn grass
“in tune with the universe”

and its like smoking long grass
panama red
you just slip into
an easy forgetting
and its easy to forget
some men are starving
and some men with guns…

Pearls and silver…

I sometimes pop into Etsy chat just to see whats going on and I always bump into such incredible talents. I’m so amazed at the things people are able to make with their hands. Tonight, I found Nataliaraya, or rather, she found me when she bought a card from my shop.

Tiny Rosette from Nataliaraya

I quickly realized that she also has a shop for her fantastic jewelry. Simple shapes, delicate flowers and freshwater pearls are commonly found in her work. Everything is beautiful and so finely crafted. Nataliaraya also maintains a really cute blog for displaying her wares and ideas. Check it out here. Show some love.

Stop! Valen-time…

Another Valentine’s Day has arrived on our doorstep wrapped in red paper and filled with candy hearts. I hope everyone spends the day with those most important to them. I’ll be doing the same, but my Valentine won’t stop playing Madden.

Ryantown Valentine

I came upon one of the best Valentine’s cards ever while checking out crowandcanary’s blog. The designer is Rob Ryan of Ryantown in London. I just love all the cut paper! What would we do without exacto knives?

For the Love of Music…

I’m currently toiling over my Spring Mix 09. Until then, a feel good jam for your V-day weekend courtesy of Jazzanova.


The Saddest Kiss That Ever Was…

Apparently, I have issues with abandoned candy (see Urban Decay.) I warn you, this is strange commentary.

Saturday was a bright, unusually warm day in the Third Ward. We were out shopping, lunching and doing the Saturday thing. While strolling leisurely down the sidewalk, I saw something in the distance. I immediately recognized the golden foil wrapper, the little paper flag and the adorable drop shape of a Hershey kiss on the ground. At first I thought, “What a shame. That chocolate would’ve been delicious.” But on second thought, it struck me as the saddest thing I’d seen all day; one lonely Hershey kiss melting into the winter sidewalk. You might be thinking…c’mon, thats ridiculous. But is it? I think not and here is why:

1. This little bit of heaven is called a KISS. A kiss is the ultimate symbol of love and affection toward another. There is a reason we give these tasty morsels as gifts on Valentine’s Day.

2. The kiss appeared to be purposely placed upright directly below a copper drain. What heartless jerk would abandon a kiss so carelessly? Would they also abandon a puppy?

3. Through harsh Wisconsin weather and the drippy torture of the drain, this little kiss tried his hardest to be strong. His flag stood tall and his wrapper glistened in the light as if calling out to passers-by, “Take me home. Savor me. I’m still just as good as the other kisses.” What a champ.

Alas, I did not take the little guy home (because thats strange) but I did take his photo. I’m declaring him the official Hershey Kiss of Valentine’s Day 2009. Now kiss someone you love and never neglect your chocolate.

Lonely Hershey Kiss

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