New Shoes!

These things are a little bit retro, a little hussy and a little rocknroll. “Bella” by Navid O Nadio, $69.

My new kicks.

I found these at Ma Jolie here in Milwaukee. I almost bought them in gray, as I’ve been in love with gray leather this year, but the purple felt a little more bad ass…and the rest is history.

New Release: TBATB

The Bird and The Bee

The Bird and The Bee, the sweetly intoxicating duo of Inara George and Greg Kurstin, have released Ray Guns Are Not Just The Future. Inara George is a modern day Laura Petrie, charming and doey-eyed as she slips into 60s inspired, psychadelically laced pop melodies. Producer and instrumentalist extraordinaire, Kurstin brings it home with fantastic electronic accompaniment and arrangements built for crazy Euro dancing. If you’ve not heard The Bird and The Bee, their debut has some really solid, addicting tracks. Their sophomore release should prove to be more mature and eclectic in a worldy sense.

Fierce and Nerdy!

Beaver Love (the seafoam edition) got a little attention on a cute blog, Isn’t that an awesome name for a website? The column has some lovely and inexpensive Valentine’s Day items. Have a look!

How about a “fierce” and “nerdy” jam for the occasion? Hmmm…Pixies perhaps. And thanks to Screechingweasel for the superb claymation.

Seasons of Love Poll

I’m flattered. “Thief of Hearts” has been included in Etsy’s Valentine’s Day poll, “Seasons of Love.” Etsy users can click on the link below and vote for their favorite love themed item. Vote away!
Thief of Hearts

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Front Page Treasury!

Treasury Front Page

Yes! Yes! Yes! A treasury that I curated finally made it to the coveted Etsy Front Page! The theme I chose was Seafoam and Melon with a modern/indie spin. I love all the work represented here and I thank my fellow Etsians whole-heartedly. Rock on.

Mixed Tape: 01.19.2009

This track kindly guided my drive into work this morning and started my Monday off adequately. Broken Social Scene’s Brendan Canning breaks out the voice distortion and dualing falsettos in “Churches Under the Stairs.” How rock and roll.

Video courtesy of

What else in the realm of music? Fleet Foxes were great on SNL this past Saturday. I’m sure that video is up on YouTube. Its really, stupidly selfish but I’m a little sad they were the featured artist. That means they are hugely popular and not a nice little secret that I keep in my pocket and pull out in quiet times. *Sigh* So it goes…

Tomorrow, Bon Iver’s new EP “Blood Bank” is available from Jagjaguwar. He’s been playing the new songs live and they’re magically delicious. The energy is a little different than “For Emma,” a little bit loud and even playful at times. Thumbs up, good sir.

There are some decent shows coming to the area in the next few months and by “area” I mean the Midwest. ( Adele (tonight @ Park West,) Lisa Hannigan, Cut Copy, The Pretenders, Andrew Bird, Josh Radin, Bonnie “Prince” Billy, Brett Dennen, The Black Lips, and on and on. ( I’m heartbroken over one show that sold out immediately…no surprise…solo Jeff Tweedy (supported by Great Lakes Swimmers) in Champaign, IL. It would’ve been awesome.

One final note: Tomorrow is a huge day in American history on so many levels. Regardless of partisanship, this inauguration signifies a huge turning point in the direction of the United States. I hope we all take a moment to consider our role in reshaping the future and redefining our collective values. I’m certainly hopeful and very excited…so much so that we’re having Yankee Pot Roast for dinner tomorrow. :) Cheers!

Pikaland, what fun!

Pikaland is a fun little illustration blog. Their “pikapackages” are a great idea if you’re into inexpensive design and illustration.

This is not a video…

but it is a jam. Turn it on, spin and dance around your living room with your hands in the air.

“Asleep for Days” by Blitzen Trapper (Field Rexx, 2005)

Do You Like Food, Beer & Art?

Cafe Lulu

Of course, you do. Cafe Lulu in Bayview is where its at when it comes to good drinks, good eats, great atmosphere and interesting art. It is my favorite restaurant in the Mil. Hands down.

However, I don’t want to write about Lulu’s perfection today. I do want to write about a fun little event they’re holding in collaboration with Pabst/the Pabst. On Thursday, January 29th Lulu will be hosting an art show/art competition featuring the winners of the annual Pabst art contest ( and submissions/contests for local artists. You still have time to channel your inner beer artist. Just bring your own Pabst inspired works down to Lulu to take part. Winning submissions will have the opportunity to be shown around town and to compete nationally. I’m toying with the idea myself.

Pabst Art Contest

At the very least you can hang out, dig the scene, order the Hummus Deluxe and make some hipster friends. Check it out.

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